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Feng Shui and Cinnabar


The ancient tradition of Feng Shui draws on many sources to heal and benefit people. Colors, minerals, movements, and many natural elements are used to bring balance to the yin and yang, and encourage positive energy. For over 3000 years, it has been utilized, first in the East and recently in the West.

One of the important minerals used in Feng Shui Products is cinnabar. Cinnabar is a naturally occurring mineral, found around volcanic activity and hot springs. Also known as vermilion, cinnabar has a rich red to red-orange color. Red is the most yang of colors making this mineral very masculine and positive, but with potential for destruction if allowed to run wild. Cinnabar is recognized as mystical due to coming from the very heart (blood) and heat (fire) of the earth. It has the ability to expel bad chi and evil forces while bringing in good fortune. Cinnabar is often used by Feng Shui practitioners to open the doors of opportunity and prosperity while putting to rest the negative experiences of the past.

While cinnabar has many positive qualities, it is important to handle it carefully in its raw or powdered form. This mineral has high levels of mercury so can be toxic if ingested, inhaled, or placed on an open wound. After touching or using raw cinnabar, it is important to always wash the hands well. It is quite safe to handle when in the form of jewelry or other Feng Shui Products, such as bracelets or Cinnabar Eggs.

Due to its connection to red and the blood of the earth, Cinnabar is also used to heal and purify the blood. It helps to keep the immune system healthy and encourages fast recovery from injury and blood loss. This beautiful red mineral is also said to help encourage abnormal cells to return to normal health, making it a favorite for the healing of various forms of cancers and helping with mixed results from cell tests.

Cinnabar is known to increase fertility and aid in a healthy pregnancy. With its ability to open the doors of opportunity, it can aid in conceiving. Once the mother is pregnant, cinnabar can encourage a healthy placenta and keeping the blood flow between mother and child harmonized. It can also be beneficial after birth to help recovery from blood loss and returning the blood flow to normal.

On the more spiritual level, cinnabar is good for removing negative energies and drawing in wealth and abundance. Many Feng Shui practitioners encourage keeping a Cinnabar Egg on the work desk to help dispel and protect again stress and negativity while encouraging creativity and good fortune.

July 13, 2013 |
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