Empowerment Through Tough Times


Make Personal Changes and Impact the World at Large

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During these difficult times it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Follow these 5 steps and take back control in your life.

Let’s face it we are in tough economic times. Many of our fellow Americans are scrambling to keep from being flung overboard with seemingly no end in sight. Do we continue to allow our energy and perspective to move in the direction of the unknown to a point where we succumb to defeat; or is there a way to be empowered by this state of affairs.

Feng Shui Empowerment:

One of the dynamics behind good Feng Shui is the ability to feel empowered. By focusing on our immediate environment we can impact our behavior. This ignites the law of attraction and catapults our life into another direction. The clearer you are about your intentional direction the more you remain in control of your life even if the rest of the world is panicking.

Steps to Calm the Turbulence:

It is essential to have a systematic plan of action to feel empowered during difficult times. Follow these simple steps and take back your sense of control and confidence.

  1. Clear the Clutter: Devise a checklist to include every area of your home and check off those areas that contain clutter. Don’t forget to list areas such as your desk, briefcase, pocketbook, car, attic, basement and closets. Now get rid of anything and everything that no longer serves a purpose in your life. Only keep items that are functional, in good repair, and you love.
  2. Ba-gua Enhancements: The ba-gua is a compass template used in Feng Shui practice that contains a great deal of information including life aspirations. Depending on your focus intention will dictate the directional portent to make your elemental or symbolic enhancements. For example, if your focus is financial growth, then the Southeast and Northwest rooms within your home should be evaluated. Incorporating a symbol of wealth or water and wood elements in the Southeast and earth or metal elements in the Northwest will effectively activate these two polar points in generating wealth on a basic level of Feng Shui. Once we can relate a specific area in our home to an area of our life, we can then make intelligent design choices that will activate the law of attraction and realize our intentions.
  3. Uplifting Objects: Freshen up your property and space by maintaining landscaping and bringing the outside in. The more of “Mother Nature” you incorporate into your space the better you will feel. When we feel good life takes on a whole new perspective, we feel in control, confident and empowered.
  4. Meditate on Your Intention: Spend 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening in quiet time. Focus your mind on the breath until you feel a sense of calm and then visualize yourself living your intention. Note the feelings, sensations and sense of contentment that comes with living your intended life.
  5. Protect Your Energy Field: When you begin to feel overwhelmed by negative media attention, close your eyes and visualize a white light surrounding your entire body. This light is impermeable to any negative situations, including people. Only allow positive energy to enter your force field.

Tough times simply represent a time for change. By evaluating your own life and making simple adjustments you will effectively create a life where you are in control and no circumstance can undermine your life’s directive. This creates a rippling effect and has a way of impacting the world at large.


About the Author:

Mary Jane Kasliner is a professional Accredited Feng Shui Consultant of the London Institute and Nationally Certified in Hatha Yoga.  She is the owner of Body Space Alignment and the Teaching Tortoise School of Feng Shui. She has received world-wide media coverage by the Associated Press and CN8 Television.  Mary Jane is the author of Love, Happiness And Feng Shui, The Feng Shui Connection To a Healthy Life, Mother Nature – A Bridge to Conscious Living, feng shui design CD, and 15 feng shui training programs. Mary Jane can be reached by visiting her website: www.fengshuiyoganj.com.


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