Feng Shui Tips for Winter


Catherine Hilker

Catherine HilkerOne of the many things I love about Feng Shui is the philosophy of connecting with nature and its cycles. In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the season of winter and long gone is the fiery, yang time of summer. Winter is the most yin time of year where plants and animals reserve their energy through hibernation or slowing down. Additional yin characteristics of winter mean less light and colder temperatures. During this time, cultivating stillness and looking inward are ideally aligned with the season.

Here are some suggestions for harmonizing with the season of winter:


  • Create quiet rituals by lighting a candle and sitting still for a few minutes focusing only on your breath.
  • Consider starting or recommitting to a journal process to release your thoughts, offer gratitude, let go of old hurts, or get clear about important choices.
  • Regularly perform yin yoga poses which focuses on releasing connective tissue and tight muscles.
  • Spritz lavender, geranium, orange, ylang ylang or clary sage essential oils in your space to cultivate relaxation.
  • Switch your frequently used light bulbs with full spectrum lighting. Full spectrum bulbs more closely mimic sunlight.
  • Display art and photography that depicts winter scenes.
  • Add water features of any kind which represent the season of winter.
  • Create a cozy nook with pillows, a throw and warm colors.

However you choose to connect to the season of winter, take advantage of the natural flow at this time. Consider cutting out unnecessary activities and slowing down even if only for a few minutes each day.

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