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Welcome to the International Feng Shui School Training Program

Our training program offers a transformative journey for you and your home. We unite ancient teachings, cutting edge science, and experienced spiritual guidance to create life-changing results.

Our mission is to support, enlighten and raise the level of human consciousness, person by person, while increasing the positive energy vibration on planet Earth, home by home.

During this training, you will develop your innate wisdom and discover your own intuition. Through reading, exercises, meditation and chanting, you will be supported and encouraged to open new pathways of experiencing and understanding Feng Shui as both an intuitive art and practical science.

When combined with your own unique gifts, your practice of Feng Shui can bring magic and success to your work, as well as to others who receive your wisdom and love. The benefits often include improved health, enhanced creativity, a happier family and greater prosperity.

If you feel called to this transformational experience, you are in the perfect place at the perfect time.

At the International School of Feng Shui, you will gain the skills necessary to become a Feng Shui practitioner or you may choose to simply balance and harmonize your own soul and home by deepening your understanding of the complete science and ancient art of Feng Shui.

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Learn Feng Shui for as low as $25 per month

Inner Circle of Wisdom

Amazing line up of webinars


August 8, 2013

Amanda’s Feng shui seminar has so much to offer and has changed my life for the BETTER forever! ‘Being aware of your surroundings and the energy it brings with it is an essential part of our living!’ But making you aware is only a tiny fraction of all the tools she has provided me in her seminar to empower myself to be in charge of my living space. I have used her guidance learned in her seminar in my own home, in 8 vacation rental properties on Maui, over 40 clients, friends and family members and it is absolutely gratifying to see the shifts, changes and progress that happens in all of these life’s I affected.
It is almost addictive to me discovering many of the negative influences that we surround ourselves carelessly, not aware how they can challenge our health, personal or financial existence. They are so obvious to me now, and walking in other peoples homes, restaurant or store will never be the same. I have even approached my dentist to make changes to his office so I could feel more confident getting treated there. (Luckily he was open to the idea.) I have learned to identify challenging issues quickly as I had my first practice with my own life which was incredible challenging health wise and financially at the time I started the seminar. It was going downhill steady.
Now I am on an upwards climb and not only do I feel healthy, strong and confident but also empowered knowing exactly how I can enhance my energy field to be in a more beneficial environment to assist my immune system and my financial income 24/7. It’s working fabulous and I will be forever grateful for Amanda’s seminar and all her incredible guidance and wisdom she shares with us all.
I have learned that ‘living consciously is an exercise in kindness towards me, my family, my friends, neighbors …. and anybody else that will be in the energy field that I create. And the more I work at it the more empowered I feel.
But the BEST part is that Amanda’s seminar is not a ONE time thing, it’s a livelong investment! Once you start you will never be on your own again. Any questions that arise, during or after the seminar, Amanda and the Feng Shui team of previous seminar graduates are always available on line 24/7.
This seminar is truly the beginning of a life long journey for all your questions and ideas as long as you are interested in going deeper and deeper discovering the natural state of your surroundings. You will encounter pure love and authenticity, true connections and compassions, to each other and to our Mother Earth.
This seminar did not really fit into my budget or time schedule, but in a ‘weak’ moment I gave in and signed up and I know now that whichever Angel was guiding me on that day has saved my life. Namaste to you all and Namaste Amanda.
Much love,

July 16, 2013

The high-caliber, Classical-based International Feng Shui School (Southern California campus) has provided me important skills to uplift my life and bring upliftment to others . . . and the planet . . . home by home.

Diana T. Abed, Consultant; Feng Shui Associates
Red Ribbon Professional, International Feng Shui Guild (2013)
First Graduating Class, IFSS

  • Member Since: July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013

I first met Amanda Collins, Director/Owner of the IFSS, in March 2011 at a community function. I’d been looking for a school/mentor/teacher for many years and had read numerous books on the subject. Until I met her I had not found that which resonated with me, but after 15minutes of her presentation I knew I had to sit at her feet. As it would happen, she had an opening in her Spring course, and I immediately enrolled. It was a life-changing event for me. I have been a lifelong learner and collector of knowledge…but this exceeded traditional learning. Her breadth of experience and knowledge was impressive, not only of the Classical, but other sects of Feng Shui as well. She is gentle, funny, and wise beyond her chronology. Her inner light and energy are palpable and her classroom is a full-on multi-sensory experience. I continue to be active in the cross pollinating community of IFSS alumni whom she encourages and mentors beyond the classroom. She’s an amazing teacher of Feng Shui but she is also a mentor, building and maintaining a community. Experiencing the IFSS is ongoing and far reaching. I highly recommend it to whomever seeks an understanding of the art and science of classical Feng Shui…and more.

July 15, 2013

I met Amanda at a meet up group for Feng Shui, her energy is so positive and inspiring.
Her knowledge of Feng Shui is amazing. I invited Amanda to my home back in 2011
she immediately knew the areas that needed cleared and advised me of things I could do to correct.

Again Amanda’s natural talents and those that she has learned along the way make her a very gifted and unique teacher in her business.

Amanda’s training “International Feng Shui School Master Training”
Fabulous Feng Shui School, & I would highly recommend to anyone/everyone interested in learning Feng Shui. So much information for the small price for the course. The information that you will receive during this training has been life changing for me and the fact that you get to receive it and to be trained by Amanda is a gift in & of itself, priceless :). The support after the course from Amanda & many other graduates on the forum is so great. I am so thankful for the wisdom that Amanda teaches and for her teachers that helped us as well during the training, they were great. Thanks!! Thanks!! Thanks!!!

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