One Feng Shui Product For Prosperity, Weath and All Around Happiness


After the last newsletter was released (The Yin and Yang of Your Home), I received an email from Janice.  She wanted to know how to solve her dilemma.  She said she has several feng shui cures around her house and she is constantly trying to remember what they mean.  She’s getting confused and wants to know how to simplify her life.  I replied saying I would be happy to follow-up in my next newsletter… so Janice, this one’s for you.

What is one Feng Shui product that can be used to bring prosperity, wealth and all around happiness?

I honestly do not know of one single product that does everything.  With that said, I broke the problem down into two parts that would allow for only one product, the solution.  As far as products go, I’ll answer that specifically in a few moments.

Outside The Home

I would look at the five elements on the outside of your home’s property.  Work from the outside to the inside when addressing the elements and where they need to be placed in order to produce the most energy.

Find these locations on your property:  Fire in the South… Water in the North… Earth in the Southwest, Center, and Northeast… Wood in the East and Southeast… Metal in the West and Northwest.

Note: wealth and prosperity is brought to you from Earth and Fire.  Work on all of the elements as one helps the other (in certain order).  Remember, balance is necessary.

Formula:  Work on Fire and Earth equally.  Then, work on Wood a little more.  This increases Fire naturally thus Fire increase Earth.  When you want more wealth, increase Wood in the East and Southeast (also increase life and education)… you see?

A classic feng shui consultant can help you with these elements. You simply need to spend the Spring and Summer working in your yard to enhance the energy of your home.

The Classic Feng Shui Experts tell us that 70% of the Chi (Qi) comes from outside our home. We need to make adjustments in the yard to greatly maximize our home and personal energies.  Plus it keeps us health and happy to work and see such beauty.

Inside Your Home

So, if 70% of our Chi (Qi) comes from outside the home, then we have 30% we can work with inside the home.

Focus some of your attention on the front door.  This is the mouth of your home.  This is where the Chi (Qi) enters and begins to circulate.

The one type of product BTB Feng Shui would recommend INSIDE the home are the feng shui crystals.  Not only do they transmit and project an amazing amount of energy, which is their purpose, but they are absolutely spectacular to look at when the sunlight projects through the prism.  Rainbows explode in every direction shining beams of happiness.

We personally have 1 – 50mm crystal in the Southwest (Sunroom), to spark our relationship. We have 1 – 40mm crystal in the Northeast (front door entryway), to retain the Chi and distribute as it comes into the home.  We have 1 – 40mm crystal in the Center of the home, again to slow and distribute the Chi.  Finally, we have 1 – 30mm crystal in the hallway to do the same.

I really hope this helped Janice, and anyone else who pondered the question.

This email is also posted on our blog at Feng Shui Directory.  If you want to write publicly on the topic, I invite you to participate.  Also, you can meet some of our consultants.

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One thought on “One Feng Shui Product For Prosperity, Weath and All Around Happiness

  1. Jane Wong says:

    Feng Shui products not only limited for home, but can be small as a necklace, which can also brings the same result..

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