The Importance of the Feng Shui Kitchen


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese discipline that incorporates the balancing of male, yang, and female, yin, energies or “chi”. Feng Shui is used for developing and maintaining a certain chi which can have drastic influences in everyday occurrences and situations. Having a feng shui kitchen is extremely important in maintaining prosperity and overall good health. In fact, the kitchen is the most important rooms when dealing with feng shui. There are several things that you should take into consideration before you develop your Feng Shui Kitchen.


It is a good practice to keep your kitchen open and spacious. Try not to overload your counters with an excess of gadgets and appliances because that will affect the way energy travels in your kitchen. Having clutter in any room, especially the kitchen, will disrupt your positive chi and possibly invite negative, harmful chi in.

The kitchen is always active with two elements: water and fire. Since, fire plays such an important part in the kitchen, try to steer clear of fiery colors, such as, orange and red. Steering clear of fiery colors will create a balance between the elements and between the chi. Instead, choose soft colors like green, blue, or white to add the balance of energies. For centuries the color yellow has been linked with the digestive system, so it is often a perfect choice for kitchens.

The addition of live plants and flowers can add a tremendous amount of good energy to any kitchen. Try adding a window box full of live, ready-to-be picked herbs. This addition will not only add more energy and provide you with nutritional herbs that you can pick from your window. You can also generate good energy by hanging crystals in your windows. During the day, the light will bounce off of the crystals and add movement to your chi or energy.

The kitchen has been thought of at the heart of a house for centuries. The ancient Chinese believed that using these fung shui tips in the kitchen could bring them posterity and improve their overall health. Using simple fung shui tips can turn any kitchen into a happy, functional room. Not only does fung shui put emphasis on making energies follow in a room, but it also puts a great amount of emphasis on making the room more organized and clutter free. Just the simple act of removing clutter from a room has the power to clear foggy brains and uplift moods.

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